Pulsed Power technology delivers 100s of amps of current at the spark plug for less than a micro second. This ensures the fastest moving flame front for maximum pressure rise and power even at the highest RPMs. Ultra-efficient pulsed power supply. Rated for 16,000 rpm. Rugged aluminium enclosure holds pure performance inside. LEDs indicate proper function and diagnostics. Patented dual and single mode circuitry ensures that any type of ignition system can be converted to a high energy plasma setup. Emissions are drastically reduced for every engine type. The flame kernel combusts just about any fuel. Our ever growing product lineup consists of single and waste spark power modules, distribution bricks, RF supression cables and model specific COPs and MOPs to deliver the plasma energy to the plugs

Why Ignition, why now?

Innumerable advancements have been made in the various fields of automotive technology that make today's vehicles more sophisticated than Apollo 13! Sadly spark ignition isn't one of them. Ignition is the process where a fuel mixture is ignited by a spark inside an engine chamber causing a controlled explosion that is harnessed to power your vehicle. This event can typically occur a 100 times every second. While computers now precisely time the moment of ignition down to the millisecond, the nature of the spark, and the means of creating it have remained unchanged for over 100 years.

Until now, Pulsed Power Plasma was relegated to thrusters propelling orbiting satellites but recent advancements in semi-conductor technology have made pulsed power ignition devices feasible, which offer the best hope for cheaply improving efficiency of spark ignited engines with the absolute minimal modifications to the existing engine setup.

High energy plasma as a viable, low cost option to reduce the fuel to air ratio (lean burn) producing fewer harmful emissions and drastically improving fuel economy has been heavily touted in scientific literature, and EcoIgnition is the first to bring this concept to market. Its unique UniPulse circuit, which uses a single power source to create a high energy plasma, makes it possible to miniaturize the ignition circuitry and enables its economical and reliable manufacture all of which are essential in making high energy plasma viable for use in coil-on-plug ignition technology which is now the industry standard.


The large plasma kernel of the SparkAmp pulsed power modules brings about rapid ionization of the airfuel mixture in the 'golf ball sized' vicinity of the spark which, akin to the phenomenon of lightning, unleashes a pressure wave and flamefront that is 40% larger and faster than that initiated by a regular spark. This results in fuel in the far corners of the cylinder burning and thus releasing its energy in the form of added power even at the highest engine speeds. The key benefits include:

  • Increased Horsepower and Torque
  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • Reduced Hydrocarbon, Carbon Monoxide, and NOx emissions
  • Better burning of Heavy Fuels (Multi Fuel Capability)
  • Enhanced Lean Burn capability
  • Better Cold Starting
  • Prevention of spark 'blow out'
  • Prevention of spark plug fouling
  • Smoother and Cleaner Engine Performance

The conscientious light duty automobile is left with buying a hybrid/electric vehicle as the only 'green' option - to pollute less and consume less fuel. EcoIgnition's products have now created a low cost alternative for the uncompromising auto enthusiast where even older vehicles can still perform better than they ever have!