Aquapulser Engineering

We had our humble beginings as Aquapulser Engineering which was and continues to be a research driven entity with the aim of fostering independent research on subjects concerning energy efficiency and alternate fuels to wean us off our reliance on foreign oil. EcoIgnition was launched at the 2010 SEMA Auto Show and signified the arrival of high energy plasma ignition as a very real and viable technology for the auto industry today!


EcoIgnition has the mission of cheaply satisfying the world's need for efficient combustion engines that are more powerful, use less fuel and pollute less, with the goal being to reduce dependence on oil, and lower cost of ownership . It holds patents and IP for high performance ignition electronics, which can be manufactured inexpensively, installed easily and gives its aftermarket customers as well as its OEM licensees a low cost means to improve efficiency and reduce emissions

Ecoignition specializes in plasma combustion technologies to solve a variety of as yet unmet industry needs from low cost multifuel conversion to emissions reduction to racing. Our portfolio of patent pending high energy plasma ignition technologies are currently in the process of being commercialized and the Spark Amp x40 and associated accessories are the first of these innovations to hit the market.

With the potential to dramatically improve air quality of the highly polluted smog laden cities in Asia, Latin America our innovative single mode plasma pulse technology promises to revolutionize CDI ignition as we now know it. Our core mission is to offer a low cost innovative solutions for engine types of all sizes from drag racing to mopeds that will dramatically lower emissions while maximizing performance, fuel economy and engine life.

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If you require a custom high energy ignition module or ignition system development such as a spark ignited multifuel diesel engine or a custom racing engine etc please contact us. We offer free analysis and a quote based on your requirements. We are always looking for talented companies, entrepreneurs and individuals to be our business partners, collaborators, distributors and affiliates. Feel free to contact us if you see the potential for a mutually beneficial relationship.